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The Most Common Bugs In Oak Hill Florida

Oak Hill Pest Control Services Technician

The Most Common Bugs In Oak Hill Florida are Bedbugs, Rats, and House Mice. Read on to learn more about these pesky little creatures. Despite their name, bedbugs are not as attractive as their name would suggest. They can bite and leave itchy red welts in their wake. They multiply quickly, and a small infestation can become a major issue in no time. Florida is also home to several types of rodents, including house mice and brown rats. They can chew wires and cause other damage to your home.


Cockroach Image Closeup

German cockroaches are among the most common bugs in Oak Hill, Florida. Unlike their American cousins, these cockroaches are indoor pests. Once inside your home, they can multiply out of control. They like damp, dark places, including crawl spaces and garages. Cockroaches are most active at night and can even beat out a person if he/she flips a light switch.

These tiny creatures live in cracks in your home, including baseboards, pipe joints, and toilet bowls. You can use sprays to kill the cockroaches that are exposed to the spray. However, be careful not to spray on carpets, tile, or other surfaces until they have dried. While you're at it, make sure you apply outdoor products at door thresholds, window frames, and other accessible areas, as well.

Brown cockroaches have wings, and are up to three inches long. Their ootheca has two distinct rows indicating where the eggs are. Eventually, the cockroach will split open at the top when the embryos are ready to hatch. If the female cockroach is unable to provide water for her nymphs, she will eat them.

House mice

Rodents, including house mice, can be a real problem in Oak Hill Florida. These nasty little scavengers will chew through most things to gain access to your home or to build a nest. These creatures are also known to carry bacteria and diseases that can be harmful to your health. The most common types of rodents in Oak Hill Florida include mice and rats. Learn how to get rid of them today.

House mice can be dangerous because they carry a number of diseases. Mice don't bite unless they feel threatened, but they can contaminate food and transmit diseases to humans. If you find a mouse in your home, it's best to get rid of it as soon as possible to avoid more problems. House mice can also cause severe health problems, so it's important to contact an oak hill pest control company professional right away to ensure your health.


dead rat image

Norway rats, house mice, and roof rats are the most common pests in Oak Hill, Florida. Although they differ slightly in appearance, all rats have similar habits. They travel along roads, trails, and sewers. They feed on a wide variety of plant matter, including seeds, leaves, and stems. Their small, fluffy tails and ears also make them a favorite among homeowners.

These pesky rodents can cause extensive damage to your property. In addition to chewing up wood and electrical wiring, rats can also spread disease. The bubonic plague spread like wildfire throughout Europe during the Middle Ages, killing half the population. Therefore, if you suspect a rat infestation in your home, you need to get rid of the problem as quickly as possible. Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of rat problems in your Oak Hill home.

Roof rats are the most common rat species in Oak Hill. They are seven to eight inches long and are dark brown or black with long tails. Although they are vegetarian, roof rats will eat anything, especially plants and food stored in your home. The average life span of a female roof rat is three years. As a result, it is best to get rid of these rodents as soon as possible to protect yourself from further infestation.


Among the most common insects you'll find in the park are lizards and frogs. Although their behavior is not known for sure, these creatures are generally harmless to humans. They will hide in shrubbery and vegetation, but will dive into the water if you get too close. Lizards and frogs are also terrestrial. You'll find these creatures under tree roots and under debris, and burrow into loose soil. These creatures are named for the mole-like behavior they display. Their colors range from reddish brown to yellowish brown, with blackish spots on their belly and back.

The most common lizards in Oak Hill Florida are cycloid lizards, which are small, slender lizards with red or blue tails. These lizards are about seven to thirteen inches long, with smooth, granular scales on their bodies. They have no external ears and a red or blue stripe behind their tail. The tail is also slender and spotted, and male sand lizards have blue stripes on their throats.

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